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Being the best is really important, we pride ourselves on providing a quality product that meets the requirements of all customers.


Micron has been established since 2000 and is one of the most trusted names, we have an enormous amount of knowledge from years of experience as a manufacturer of talc, and we continue to expand our practice every day.

We supply many local and international companies with a variety of innovative products, which have been produced with the highest degree of precision and care.


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Talcum Powder

Talc Powder is an excellent filler due to blending characteristics. It exhibits thermal and electrical resistance properties as well as excellent scrub resistance, reduced sagging, good coverage, higher loading and water resistance. It is chemically inert. Used in the production of decorative paints, industrial coatings, pigment pastes, primers and enamels. Also used in polishing pulses and printing inks.

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We can supply high purity fine Calcium Carbonate obtained from white and high brightness sources.

High brightness calcium carbonated derived from pure limestone. Calcium carbonate used in paper, Powder coating (glossy finish), protective paints, printing inks, adhesives and sealants.

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Quartz is one of the most common minerals in the Earth’s crust. As a mineral name, quartz refers to a specific chemical compound (silicon dioxide, or silica, SiO2), having a specific crystalline form (hexagonal). It is found is all forms of rock: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Quartz is physically and chemically resistant to weathering. When quartz-bearing rocks become weathered and eroded, the grains of resistant quartz are concentrated in the soil, in rivers, and on beaches. The white sands typically found in river beds and on beaches are usually composed mainly of quartz, with some white or pink feldspar as well.

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Feldspar is the name given to a group of minerals distinguished by the presence of alumina and silica (SiO2) in their chemistry.  This group includes aluminum silicates of soda, potassium, or lime. It is the single most abundant mineral group on Earth.  They account for an estimated 60% of exposed rocks, as well as soils, clays, and other unconsolidated sediments, and are principal components in rock classification schemes. The minerals included in this group are the orthoclase, microcline and plagioclase feldspars.

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